Getting ready to start work at Phillips 66 Wood River Refinery (WRR)

Step 1:  All WRR contractors must take the SecureFit Assessment.

  • Can be taken from any device that has internet access at no charge.
  • Use your Legal Name. Do not take more than once. Be serious. It takes about 20 minutes.
  • Notification letter you should have received from your union hall or employer
  • SecureFit Instructions Document  (PDF)
  • Link to SecureFit

Step 2:  Complete Base Safety Requirements for working at WRR
American Allied Safety Council (AASC) run by TekSolv has courses available to meet all the Base Safety Requirements.

  1. General Base Safety Requirement for WRR Field Workers only: must have current certification in one of the following General Industry Programs:
    • American Allied Safety Council (AASC):  PRECERT / RECERT Program


    • Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC):  Basic Orientation Plus Program (BOP / BOPR)
      • Let your employer know if you have a current ARSC BOP/BOPR
      • Worker must have their ARSC card with them at the AASC and WRR.
    • Process for Employers to verify General Industry Certification (PDF)
  2. WRR Base Safety Requirement for all WRR Workers:

    1. WRR Site Specific:
      • Field Worker or Non-Field Worker Orientation Computer Based Training (CBT)
    2. Background Screen
    3. Drug and Alcohol (D&A) Testing
      • DISA, NASAP or AASC Programs accepted
      • Worker must be on hiring company’s roster in program they are aligned with.
      • Details of WRR’s D&A Policy (PDF)


    • Backgrounds screens and/or D&A testing can be through AASC or via your company relationship directly with the programs.
    • Workers must be on hiring company’s roster in chosen D&A Program
  3. Notes on Additional Requirements depending on Assignment:
    1. Example: Fit testing/PFT/Medical Clearance [must be clean shaven]
    2. If you have a current fit test on the correct mask and in a program accepted by your employer, let your employer know and they can determine if they will use this data vs. a new fittest.
    3. All fittests include a Medical Clearance – fill out Medical Clearance Form in advance. (PDF)

Step 3:  Report to WRR Badging [must be clean shaven and have unexpired gov’t issued photo ID]

  • Your company must notify WRR Badging through the Badging Communication Form or other agreed to means when they will have workers at WRR Badging.
  • Please review this document: Must Have Items for WRR Badging (PDF)
    1. Includes directions to Phillips 66 WRR Security Badging
    2. Security Information Slip on back – know your vehicle make, model, and plate numbers

Step 4: Your company is to provide you with instructions on where to go and who to contact once you get your WRR Access Badge.

Area map with parking locations (PDF)